Arquitectes i consultors d’estructures, S4 S.L.P. (S4 Arquitectws) is a firm dedicated to structural consultancy for edification.

After ten years dedicated to structure calculation with the Essa Four Architects LS firm, Marc Bárbara Sirera and Santi Tarrasón Cerdà, founded in 2008, the Arquitectes i consultors d’estructures, S4 S.L.P., with the aim of providing the best service in the field of structural edification.

In 2019, Guillermo Barenys Barquero joins the management of the company with the fusion of the firms Arquitectes i consultors d’estructures, S4 S.L.P. and Guillermo Barenys i Associats S.L.P. This union was born from years long collaboration of both firms with the aim to expand and improve the quality of the services they offer.

In constant training and in search for innovation in the structural field, we have expanded our services as structural consultants implementing new management and quality control systems of our projects as well as incorporating the newest technologies, such as the BIM methodology, among others.

We offer a highly personalized treatment to our clients and work together with the project’s authors, collaborating with all the intervening technicians, and if possible, throughout every stage of the project in order to achieve the most suitable solutions in each case according to the type of edification, complexity, environment, and others.


Equip S4 Arquitectes

Technical Director, founding partner: Marc Bàrbara Sirera, chartered architect 28367-3
Project Director, partner: Guillermo Barenys Barquero, chartered architect 37737-6
Financial Management, founding partner: Santi Tarrasón Cerdà
Architect: Elena Escolano Alemany
Administration and Drafting: Núria Carramiñana Monguilod


Ajuntament de Barcelona; Ajuntament de La Garriga; Ajuntament de Blanes; Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona; Conselleria d’Educació i Cultura del Govern de les Illes Balears; Institut Barcelona Esports, Ajuntament de Barcelona.

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